Children's Exam - 1 in 4 children are at risk from undiagnosed vision problems!
Many vision screenings test only for distance visual acuity. While the ability to see clearly in the distance is important, it does not give any indication as to how well the eyes focus up close or team together for the child’s schoolwork demands. It also does not give any information about the internal or external health of the eyes.

A change in vision is often not realized until your child can’t see the board at school or has trouble reading a text book. They often do not know their eyes are not working efficiently and are unable to communicate that a problem exists. The increased stress on the child’s inadequate visual system can cause fatigue and lack of overall desire to do their schoolwork resulting in less than optimal grades and sometimes behavioral disorders.

Additionally, we are living in a "blue light experiment" and we do not know the final outcome! The blue light that is found in the digital technology that our kids are devouring may be found to induce retinal damage and cell death. We can prescribe BlueLight lenses to help prevent this from happening to your child. Please ask for details

Vision is our most valuable sense. 90% of a child’s learning is through their visual system. Early detection can save years of struggling and harmful impact on your child’s ability to learn.
  eye exam San Clemente Optometry
eye exam San Clemente Optometry
Please have your child’s eyes checked annually.
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Pennsylvania School Requirements for Children's Vision
Pennsylvania law requires that each child receive annual vision screening and services to include diagnosis and treatment including eyeglasses, for defects in vision. Each child who is 3 years of age or older shall receive vision screening within 30 days after admission. If the child had a vision screening prior to admission, an initial examination within 30 days after admission is not required. Follow-up treatment and services, such as provision of eyeglasses, shall be provided as recommended by the treating practitioner. A written record of completion of each vision screening shall be kept in the child’s record. Pennsylvania Code §3800.145

We are asking parents to make appointments now for their children to reduce the instances of eye and vision problems going undiagnosed and untreated in children.

Since comprehensive eye exams are the best way to diagnose eye and vision problems in children early, before they interfere with a child’s ability to learn, we agree getting a more thorough comprehensive eye exam is a crucial step in ensuring that Pennsylvania students perform to the best of their ability in the classroom, and through their growing years.